“Excellent – I repeat – excellent.”
Malachi Martin
charles a. coulombe |  speaker
Charles A. Coulombe is one of North America’s most respected and sought-after commentators on culture, religion, history, and politics. A specialist in the history and government of the Catholic Church, Coulombe’s influence and expertise extend far beyond matters religious. He has written on topics ranging from the history of rum to haunted houses to a history of the United States.

Mr. Coulombe is a social and political commentator of note. In 2005 he provided narration and commentary for ABC News during the funeral of Pope John Paul II and the subsequent election and installation of Pope Benedict XVI. A former journalist, Mr. Coulombe served as a film reviewer and Contributing Editor of the National Catholic Register, during which time he received the Christian Law Institute's Christ King Journalism Award. Coulombe's work has appeared in over than 20 journals, including regular columns in Fidelity (Australia), PRAG (London), Monarchy Canada, and Creole Magazine (Louisiana). He has also been a frequent contributor to such publications as Success, Catholic Twin Circle, Gnosis, FATE, and the New Oxford Review.

As an informed and passionate speaker on a wide variety of religious, social, political, historical, and literary topics, Mr. Coulombe has appeared on lecture circuits throughout the North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. In 1992 he lectured at Oxford University and the following year embarked on a lecture tour of Ireland and Great Britain, returning to Oxford and Cambridge in 1995. Coulombe has also delivered lectures at the University of Southern California on the history of Rock & Roll and at Cleveland's John Carroll University on the history of medieval monarchy. In February 2011, he was invited to take part in a debate on the abolition of the monarchy before the prestigious Oxford Union.

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“…satiric and acerbic style…Coulombe’s approach is ala Belloc.”
Hubert J. Victor in Reflections
Charles Coulombe interviewCharles Coulombe offers commentary on the death and funderal of Pope John Paull II for ABC News
“A silver haired, grey-suited American… Charles A. Coulombe, has the laid-back manner of a Californian; he is at turns garrulous and ironic, but can switch within the blink of an eye to intense seriousness and conviction.”
Michael Bürgermeister
“Outspoken, controversial, contemporary…interesting – sometimes outrageous – ideas and style.”
Mark Lindquist, novelist
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